Amazon to start delivering packages to cars


Last year, Amazon started dropping of packages inside of home with Amazon Key.

Now, Amazon can deliver packages to your car with Amazon Key In-Car.

Available to only Amazon Prime subscribers, it is enabled in 2015 or newer General Motors or Volvo vehicles equipped with cloud-connected technologies (OnStar and Volvo on Call, respectively), according

It is available in 37 different cities.

Here’s how it works: Customers can sign up vehicles through the Amazon Key app, and while shopping can choose what vehicle they want their package to be delivered to.

However, there are certain restrictions on where the car has to be.

Cars have to be parked within a two-block radius of a specified address, and can’t be in a multi-level, underground or restricted-access parking garage.

“Customers have also told us they love features like keyless guest access and being able to monitor their front door from anywhere with the Amazon Key App,” Peter Larsen, Amazon vice president of delivery technology, said in a statement. “In-car delivery gives customers that same peace of mind and allows them to take the Amazon experience with them. And, with no additional hardware or devices required, customers can start ordering in-car delivery today.”

How will customers know when their package has been delivered?

Customers can track the delivery through their phones.

While Amazon Key In-Car doesn’t come with a camera and keypad, a delivery person’s request to unlock goes through Amazon, then to OnStar or Volvo On Call. The delivery person won’t be able to leave until they scan the package, confirm delivery and then lock the car back up.

“I think for me, I don’t know if I could trust it,” said Delta College student Valeria Torres. “It depends on whether or not the person delivering it is trustworthy or not.”

Amazon, GM, and Volvo said delivery people won’t be able to turn on or have access to anything in the car.

Volvo said that its cars equipped with Volvo On Call still need a physical key to actually drive it. GM said that OnStar-equipped vehicles also require a key to drive anywhere, according to