Cosmic bowling leaves people starry-eyed


People are starting to enjoy nighttime activities like cosmic bowling in Stockton now that the warmer seasons are beginning. 

Bowling is a fun activity for most, but people are always looking for ways to make things more exciting. 

Many bowling alleys have begun implementing ‘cosmic bowling’ to create a new environment in their establishments and also to draw in a new crowd of people that otherwise would think that bowling isn’t all that fun. 

‘Cosmic bowling’ is nighttime bowling but with a twist. 

The regular lighting is turned off and there are usually many different types of other lights used such as strobe lights, black lights, LEDs, lasers, and many other types. 

This is also followed up with music, either played by a DJ or through the buildings sound system. 

The music that is played can vary from all sorts of genres in music, whether it be hip-hop, rock, R&B, oldies, there is a vast arrangement of music types for everyone. 

“It’s a pretty cool scene, it’s a fun activity to do with your friends or co-workers, or maybe even a date. Either way it’s just a nice place to chill and kick back and have some fun. The nice thing is anyone can bowl, it’s not like a club or something where you gotta be 21 or older to get. Everyone can come in and have a good time.”, stated Joseph Torres a Delta student. 

While it is true that cosmic bowling is for people of all ages, there of course are amenities for the older crowd as well. 

Both Pacific and West Lane Bowl have bars located within their buildings. 

You can grab a drink if you’re of age as well as enjoy the bar area that offers more music with their own separate sound systems and dancefloors. There are also pool tables and e-games available. 

“I like coming here. It’s a fun way to relieve some stress and hang out with friends. It’s nice that they have a bar in case you wanna grab a drink too. You don’t have to go out of your way to like a club or an actual standalone bar to get a beer or something. Plus, they got some pretty food in case you get hungry. They got everything that you need in one place.”, said Eleanna Garza another Delta student. 

There are also restaurants located in the bowling alley as well in case people get hungry and want to enjoy a meal without having to leave their games. 

Arcades are also available for another fun activity to do, while either waiting for a lane to open up for you or just to kill time in between games. 

Prices vary depending on location but are very reasonable, especially if one goes as a group. 

“Yeah man, bowling is fun and… it’s pretty affordable for most people, especially if you go as a group, which most people do anyways. It offers the chance for people to come together and have a good time for a cheap price. Good, clean fun. That’s the way it should be. (laughs)”, said local resident Jose Hernandez. 

Pacific Avenue Bowl is located at 5939 Pacific Ave. Stockton, CA 95207 and offers cosmic bowling Friday and Saturday. 

West Lane Bowl is located at 3900 West Ln. Stockton, CA 95204 and offers nighttime bowling Friday through Sunday.