Former students embraces punk side


Former Delta College student Nelson Delcid, the bassist of local band Cheap Shoes, spearheaded a Punk Show held on April 28.

The show was played in J. Big Studio in Stockton. 

Members of participating bands came from all over. The band Choke traveled from Oakland, Creases from Tracy, Years of Aggression from Amador and Sissy Fit members came from San Leandro, Tracy and Stockton. 

Delcid is 21. 

The show’s theme was punk rock and hardcore. Some subgenres included powerviolence and powerviolence grindcore. 

Delcid describes Cheap Shoes as extreme heavy music. Punk rock, hardcore and metal vibes connected the fans. 

The same crowd is common to these shows. 

The community is small and attracts all ages. Colorful hair, eyeliner-hearts and stern looks are common characteristics in this crowd. 

Delcid and his band didn’t headline the show, but graced the stage second after Knee Deep, another local Stockton band. 

The Stockton bands appear to be interchangeable. Many of the members have played together or are fans of one another after attending many intimate gatherings at house shows in the past. 

Delcid met his bandmates at a similar show while in high school. 

“Cheap Shoes started maybe like I (want to) say in 2015 and I was 19 at the time. It was either 2015 or 2016 summer. I play bass, Matt (Moua) is the wielder of the axe guitar, Mitchell (Vierra) plays drums like a madman, he plays traditional, you don’t see that a lot. Richard (Burriel) is the vocalist, he’s actually the one that started it all, so it’s kind of like his baby,” said Delcid.

Fans tend to get rough at local punk shows. 

Whether or not you’re in the scene yourself, if you attend you risk the chance of getting kicked, hit and pushed. 

Delcid said people should probably expect to get hit if you find yourself too close to the mosh pit, which is usually located in the center of the crowd, closest to the music. 

Bands Choke and Age of Aggression were new to the Stockton community, debuting at the show. 

Fans loved them and gave positive feedback during sets by moshing. 

At the beginning of songs, the drummer and vocalist of Choke voiced his political and social opinion to the crowd. 

He reminded the punks to respect the venue, that “it’s not cool to be an a**hole” for the sake of punk rock. 

Other outstanding messages were “STOP VICTIM BLAMING” and “DEATH TO FASCISTS”. 

Age of Aggression did similar intros to its songs, urging the crowd to be aware of the importance of taking care of oneself.

Looking for a venue that would commit to housing live bands with their equipment and sometimes violent fans is the hardest part for Delcid when planning a show. Stockton doesn’t have many community places or businesses open to live music in general. 

Empresso and other open mic opportunities seem to cater to indie type stuff and one type of audience, not full bands. 

“It didn’t used to be like that, back in like 2012. 2008-2012. We (now) resort to house shows and just wherever we can find. Hope that it doesn’t get shut down or something like that,” said Delcid.