Stockton’s semi-pro team having trouble finding home


Stockton’s American Basketball Association (ABA) semi-pro group is called Team Trouble.

In 2018 Trouble played in the Stockton Arena but will not be able to renew the contract for upcoming seasons. 

The team’s contract was severed last year, according to Delta College Interim Athletic Director Tony Espinoza. 

In Team Trouble’s search for a new home court, the franchise has expressed interest in the facilities at Delta College. While playing at the Stockton Arena, vouchers were given away on the team’s website, for free entry.

The website still advertises for the previous 2018 season at the arena and contains broken links for social media and contact information.

Because of this The Collegian wasn’t able to reach out to the team’s owner or players.

Last season’s roster included a handful of former Delta players, said Espinoza. 

If Stockton’s ABA league is revived for another season the city would basically have a farm system for the National Basketball Association. 

High school basketball players would have a goal to play at the junior college level and from there aspire to play for local Team Trouble, and then for Stockton Kings in the G League. 

“I think that’s a great opportunity as JC players just to get involved with basketball players and learning from people that already plan on going to the NBA or have been coached or played with an NBA coach. Just to learn from the experience,” said Keith Terry, No. 30 on Delta’s men’s basketball team.

Delta’s faculty is currently settling in on what the basketball teams and classes need from our courts in fall 2018. 

Team Trouble would have to present a schedule around what Delta currently has in place,
including practices. 

An outside group such as Team Trouble might have a tough time getting into the gym at such a busy time of the year. Community based groups have worked around Delta plans and have been able to utilize all facilities at some point. 

The pool, soccer and softball and baseball fields, and track have all been used by outside
parties and occasional youth groups in the gyms. 

Delta is welcome to hosting community programs outside of the school’s agenda.
James Paul, Team Trouble’s owner initiated conversations with Delta.

It is confirmed Team Trouble’s management group has an explicit interest looking at next year. Delta only asked that they narrow it down to specific dates. 

Since the expressed interest there has been no contact, Espinoza assumes they’re working on solidifying dates in order to share them with Delta in order to determine whether or not the facilities will be able to accommodate. 

There are high hopes Delta and Team Trouble will have compatible schedules.

“You’d be better off asking them because last time we spoke it was ‘let us know once you have your schedule set and then we can compare it to what we have coming up’. We haven’t been able to solidify anything. If it is something that can work for both sides and we can find the time in the facility, we’d love to have them out here,” said Espinoza.