Yesterday Again Film Festival coming to Delta in mid May


The Yesterday Again Film Festival (YAFF) is a way to show off the talents of young aspiring artists.

Going onto its fifth year, this film festival strives to inspire high school students in the San Joaquin County to showcase creativity through cinema or artwork.

On May 19, Delta College will host this festival in the Atherton Auditorium.

The films submitted will be shown during the festival and the artworks will be on display in the auditorium lobby for all to see. The admission date for films has already passed but admissions for artwork go until May 11.

The YAFF started in the summer of 2013 with co-founders Jae Yu and Ryan Ozminkowsi, according to

These two, who were college juniors at the time, wanted a way to showcase the talents of students in the area that didn’t involve anything academic.

While it started to only show the cinematic talents of students, it has grown in a way where it could show different forms of art, such as photography, 2D art, 3D art, ceramics and more.

According to, the festival “represents a unique collision between arts and the academics … the film festival can help introduce students to a world that they have never been exposed to before, a world that is dictated not by formulas and calculations, but by their own dreams and visions.”

The YAFF will start at 6 p.m.