Delta’s athletic trainers assist injured athletes


The Delta College Athletic Trainers Facility treats injured student-athletes for all seventeen plus sports including teams from other visiting schools.

Two of the athletic trainers who assist injured athletes are athletic trainers veteran Kevin Anderson and rookie Tessa Dahl who joined the team less than a year ago.

A University of Pacific graduate, Dahl was inspired by her late grandfather’s love for sports and history of “medical complications” to pursue sports medicine. 

“I wanted to help people who are in the same helpless scenario,” said Dahl.

After earning a training certification from the University of Pacific, Dahl obtained her masters in Kinesiology at Fresno State where she also interned in athletic training.

In May 2017, Dahl accepted an internship with the UC Davis Athletic Trainers Facility and worked with the men’s water polo and women’s gymnastics teams and shortly after she was employed at Delta College.

“I loved the environment, the community and mentors,” said Dahl who credits Delta’s athletic trainer Kevin Anderson as one of her role models.

“He is someone I feel I can rely on,” said Dahl of Anderson.

“She’s a great addition. She transitioned well. I worked at various places, compare to other junior colleges, our facility is much better. Visiting teams comment how bigger it is,” said Kevin Anderson.

Dahl hopes to continue to work for many years as an athletic trainer at Delta. Both Dahl and Anderson also hope to upgrade equipment, get more rehab equipment and create a private space for doctors where student athletes with serious injuries could be treated in a controlled and safe environment. 

Anderson said that they will be clearing up space to accommodate injured athletes not just student athletes from Delta but from other visiting colleges who are also a priority to them.

“My grandfather really wanted me to go pro. But I love Delta. It’s not famous. But Delta produces a lot of talented athletes. I want to help them achieve their goal and be part of their development,” said Dahl.

Dahl offered advice to young people especially to young women pursuing similar career aspirations.

“Hit the books, don’t be deter. If this is what you want to do. It’s not your typical 9-5 job. It can be exhausting. But don’t be deter by the male dominated occupation. Use it as a motivation and say I can do this,” she said. “I love sports, it helps with connecting to people you otherwise wouldn’t thought of connecting with. I hope more students will be drawn to Delta’s athletics, I continue to build a rapport with the athletes and be part of the athletic trainer’s family.”

The Athletic Trainer’s Facility is located in the Budd building.