Delta alumni satisfy breakfast cravings

Delta students order food from former-student run food truck, Waffle Craves, on Sept. 7, 2018.

One of the many food trucks popping up around San Joaquin Delta College’s campus includes recently-founded Waffle Craves.

Run by husband and wife, Maria and Eric Carey, Waffle Craves started out serving chicken and waffles about six months ago and has transitioned to also serving, of course, waffles, breakfast foods such as English muffins, bacon, eggs, country-style potatoes, sandwiches and much more. Although they don’t currently offer vegan choices, Eric Carey, who used to be a vegan for about three years himself, is open to adding more if Waffle Craves customers continue requesting it.

Waffle Craves is not only the perfect place to find delicious and soul-comforting breakfast foods along with burgers, but it is also run by two former Delta students.

“Yeah, we’re both former students. She (Maria Carey) was in culinary here and I was computer science (major) about three years ago and it’s funny because it’s like full circle,” says Eric Carey. “Yesterday, we kind of shed a tear when we see the culinary students come up in their jackets.”

The birth of the truck started when the couple won the amateur division award at a local Baconfest and the head chef advised the ambitious couple to start with a food truck instead of a restaurant, as a restaurant would cost a lot more in overhead, according to Eric Carey.

“My wife loves waffles. She just puts everything in waffles: eggs in waffles, sausage in them, bacon in them… She was just like let’s do waffles and that’s where it all came from,” says Eric Carey.

Eric Carey also enjoys being self-employed and having control over his hours versus working for another entity with more restrictions. Eric Carey also finds working long hours rewarding and a good learning experience. The couple also hopes to expand and open more trucks that serve a different variety of food in the future.

Waffles Craves is located in the Locke parking lot on Delta’s campus from Mon.-Fri. from 7 a.m.-2 p.m.

For more information and current location visit their page on Facebook, or call (209) 560-0333.

Nutella and strawberry waffle from Waffle Craves.
Nutella and strawberry waffle from Waffle Craves.
Dean’s List order from Waffle Craves.