Delta college alumnus Louis Martinez inspires and teaches students

Students listen to Louis Martinez's advice for their upcoming future.
Students listen to Louis Martinez's advice for their upcoming future.

On Wednesday, Sept. 19, Delta College was paid an honorable visit by its very own Louis Martinez. The presentation was held in Shima 146 and consisted of Martinez’s journey after going to San Joaquin Delta College, and what it’s been like working in the TV/broadcasting industry.

“These workshops and presentations are a really great idea and they give students like me hope,” said Delta student, Rodrigo Pedraza.

Martinez began by showing a video presentation of an amature short film from 2009 he shot while he was in high school at his after-school broadcast club. He did this to show our current Delta students that everyone starts somewhere. He then goes on to explain how, while at Delta, he did DCTV News on campus, and wedding cinematography off campus as his job and hobby. In his years at Delta, Martinez worked closely with Radio/Television professor, Adrianna Brogger. They are still good friends today and through her connections with him, she was able to make this presentation possible. Martinez gives students a great deal of information on what steps he took while at Delta College, to get to where he is today.

“Louis did a great job showing us how camera work is behind-the-scenes and giving us real-world experience of what it’s like to work in a studio. Beforehand I thought I had a good idea of what it was like, but Lewis painted a much more transparent picture for us,” said Pedraza.

After talking about himself and his journey, Martinez went on to discuss the logistics of broadcasting, what it’s like working behind-the-scenes, where he’s worked, and gave students his resources. He gave a brief introduction on the functions and technicalities of the different equipment he worked with as well as a imagery giving students a better idea of how equipment management works on the set of a live production. Martinez also gave visuals of placement of different jobs on the set such as where the director is, the audio, the producer, the playback graphics, and so on.

There was another video shown near the end of his presentation featuring a talk show demonstration about Google Ads. After the video, Martinez pointed out different shots and angles that were essential for the effectiveness of the advertisement and gave many different examples to students about the directing process.

Martinez is just one of the many presentations that have been given here on campus hosted by Brogger. Throughout the semester there will be many more and lots of opportunities to make connections with people in the radio and television field.

“I love coming to all of the presentations because, not only do they inspire me to become a better student but it gives me hope because I know they were in our spot not too long ago. So, I feel there is a good chance I could become successful in my field,” said Pedraza.