Higher or Lower Standards For Mr.Right


These are some characteristics women look for in a spouse. Sometimes women can get much more specific than that, such as ethnicity.
A great example being Ouran Highschool Host Club,a  japanese anime, which follows the story of a group of high school boys with different characteristics both physical and mentally that girls pay to basically to act out a romantic fantasy.

The guys consist of Tamaki Suoh, Kyoya Ootori, Takashi Morinozuka, Mitsukuni Haninozuka, Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin.

No relationship whatsoever with these girls exists, but girls still come back.

Takashi or ‘Mori’ is the strong and silent type. He is the typical strong, brave, smart, rich and above all, silent, which nonetheless proves in a way that women, whether they admit it or not, have an ideal lover in mind, why would women settle?

By settle for life because in an article published in The Daily Telegraph titled ‘Why Women Need to Marry Dumb Men’ issued July 8, 2018,  it advises women to lower their standards for their Mr. Right. The study had said that women tend to marry to marry higher than their current social status to have secure future for themselves and any future children. The article was basically saying the educated women have less chances than ever to find a educated man because there aren’t enough educated men for the amount of educated women according to Marcia Inhorn, professor of anthropology at Yale University. Inhorn advises women if they want to find a partner to have children they need a more expansive notion for Mr. Right meaning that to find a man not of a similar education or social economic circumstances. She says find a man that believes in marriage and family.

The Atlantic’s article titled “Why men are the new college minority,” only supports Inhorns claim that there are less men getting educated after high school. Women outnumber men by more than six to one at Carlow University.

Snapchat then released a similar article titled ‘Researchers warn that women should marry less smart men if they want to start a family.’ This one was similar but insinuated also that women should lower standards a little bit more.

Clearly they are trying to get what they are saying across being that the story was released on social media.

All these articles are talking about children.  

Basically if you want children you need to get with a ok guy.

What about Snapchat article about lowering those standards?

What exactly how should I go when looking for a husband?

Because these articles are telling me I am not doing it right. Not all of us women are looking to marry a company CEO. I know I want my future husband to be to have a stable job, not asking for a CEO here, but a man with a job that won’t kill him fast. A minimum wage job does that to people. You feel like you never have enough for the work you put in. The late nights and added hours to his shift will keep him away from our family. He being willing to be open with me, communicate, is as important as being loyal and honest.

I set these standards because I seen people in failed or unhealthy relationships and many women set these standards for the same reasons.