EDITORIAL: Use your voice! Cast your vote!


It is the firm belief of the editors of the Delta Collegian newspaper that every eligible American needs to vote in the midterm election in November.

Those granted a seat in our federal government will have the power to enact policies that will affect citizens of our nation. This year all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 out of the hundred seats in the Senate will be up for reelection.

The right to vote puts us in a position to continue to build the country as we would like to see it. The ways of our nation are not set in stone, no matter how many Americans believe hope is lost. Everyone can contribute to the prosperity of our people by simply filling out a ballot.

If you are a young adult and believe that casting your vote has no impact, we at the Collegian urge you to think about the people younger than you. Surely a few kids look up to you. They may not understand all the logistics of our governing systems but you can inspire them to believe their individual voices matter.

By casting your vote you make your opinions and beliefs heard. You have a say in the laws that govern your life. Your view of the world matters. The system is not as rigged as many believe it is. It is true that outside sources can affect our democratic process, but these attacks are all the more reason to employ your right to vote.

It is the responsibility of every American to every American, regardless of your personal feelings, to vote. Fight for what you believe will better our nation. Remind your family and peers across the nation to use their voices for your sake as well as their own.

Every vote cast is an opportunity to find common ground with the rest of our great nation. Do not squander your chances to have a say in what our communities, states, and ultimately our country will become.