EDITORIAL: When is Danner Hall coming back?

Students walking into the Bookstore on campus. Photo by Vivienne Aguilar
Students walking into the Bookstore on campus. Photo by Vivienne Aguilar

Since the closing of Danner Hall’s cafe, students have had to turn to the bookstore and or food trucks for their breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner.

The staff of The Collegian newspaper have some concerns as to why the cafe has been closed this semester and wonder when it will be reopened again. This issue requires much attention. The Collegian staff proposes that the students eligible for the Federal Work Study program work in the cafeteria. We know that the absence of a permanent staff may be the reason that students are not working the cafe, but it is an idea we hope those in charge can work towards. 

It is our firm belief that Danner Hall should reopen and offer hot food options again. We would like to hear how those in charge are proposing to fix this huge issue. 

For now, the school has provided us with food trucks in the absence of a cafe. They have been a short term solution since the closing of Danner Hall, but now that we are entering the fall and winter seasons, we can not help but wonder if the trucks will stick around when the rain, wind and cold weather peaks. 

Another concern of The Collegian staff is that students are not mobile. Not all students drive themselves and those who do may have a budget for gas.  Does Delta expect students who are more or less stuck on campus to continuously eat bookstore food this semester? Or wait in line in the harsh weather risking their health? The Collegian realizes that it must be hard to accommodate the entire student body when it comes to finding alternatives to Danner.

When Danner offered students hot food it was relatively cheap and nutritious. Oatmeal and chili were great options for those on a budget and even more so if those students had Mustang Passes, but the food trucks don’t even offer these Mustang Pass discounts.

And sure, the bookstore offers oatmeal still, but it is the microwavable kind sold at an increased price, without the brown sugar and other customizable toppings. 

What we have in Danner today is sad. Java Jitters is still operational and sells food, but offers limited snacks compared to previous semesters. Students can find coffee cakes and other breakfast-like pastries along with their drinks, but it isn’t enough.

The food trucks appear to be temporary and, the bookstore employees have had to pick up Danner’s slack, which shouldn’t be the case. 

Please restore Danner Hall to its former glory.