Football strives for first season win


The Delta College football team has seen its share of struggles in the past. The team is trying to come out of a five-game losing streak, however the Mustangs aren’t letting them impact the season.
The team plans to show fans with hard work and pride it will see beyond losses and make this season the best one yet. “I think as a team we need a lot of improvement and we just need to get our heads together and get ready for what’s coming next for us,’ said offensive lineman Bradley Mattauch.
One of the reasons the team has had a slow start this season is due to many new players on the team who are still in the process of learning what it takes to compete at the collegiate level.
“We have a lot of new players this year who are fresh out of high school so they’re getting used to the college pace as it picks up throughout the season,” said Assistant Coach DeMaurier Jordan.
Regardless of this offset, the team hasn’t given up hope. The team’s motives and spirits are stronger than ever.
“We’ve just got to continue being a family, that’s the biggest and most important thing,” said Jordan. “The faster we come together and continue to work together and be a family, the better we will improve as the season goes on.”
Head Coach Gary Barlow is training the team with tough practices and conditioning all season long.
“Nothing has really changed as far as the pace of work flow, but coach Barlow is always making sure the practices keep flowing perfectly he makes sure we stay focused throughout the whole practice,” said Mattauch, “That’s how we’re going to get better.”
The team works through nonstop practices to make sure it stays fit before the next game. The Mustangs play Oct. 13 against the Fresno City College Rams in Fresno.
The coaches and players are prepared to show what pride and perseverance is all about. “It’s all about experience,” said Mattauch. “Now that we’ve all been there and we know what it takes to succeed and be in that spot we’re going to come out a lot more prepared every game.”
The next home game for the Mustangs football team will be on Oct. 20, against College of the Sequoias.