BELIEVE WOMEN: From Cosby cases to Kavanaugh


Over the past couple months, a number of victims of sexual assault have come forward, some in the public eye.

The high profile cases include Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and actor Bill Cosby.

Though they both allegedly committed similar crimes, there are different results for said crimes.

Bill Cosby, at 71 years old, was sentenced to 10 years that he most likely won’t survive due to old age. Meanwhile, Kavanaugh has been confirmed as a Supreme Court justice and it is unlikely that his accusers will see the justice they desire.

Partial reason of this is the fact that the government, more so the president, is backing the heels of Kavanaugh. 

The fact that these cases were even started were because of the survivors, but since speaking up they have gotten nothing but threats, harassed and their names dragged in the dirt because many people don’t believe them. 

Survivors are treated less fairly  in the judicial system and this is a reason that some never speak up to what has happened to them.

In every high profile rape case with a known and respected person, many just find it hard to believe that person really committed the act, but as said before, why would someone knowing the outcome, come forward and lie?

This doesn’t help them at all unless justice is completely served, which in most cases its not.

Some of these survivors have kept this secrets for so long and most likely felt that they couldn’t say what happened in general fear of being called a liar.

 Some survivors may have been carrying what they went through for most of their adult lives and this has landed some in therapy and just living with the fact that it happened and there’s nothing that could be done about it.

The system should be able to help everyone but in this type of situation this will most of the time never be the case.