Employee advice workshop prepares students for real world


The Do’s and Don’ts of Securing and Maintaining Employment, was a workshop held on Wednesday, Oct. 17, at San Joaquin Delta College in DeRicco 275. It taught about basic work ethic and preparation for interviews

Presented by Serapio Nambo, regional sales coordinator for Aflac and Evaleen Anessa, the two discussed a lot of do’s and don’ts what to do when employed but also made sure students were involved and asking questions.

The workshop started with Delta’s own workplace internship coordinator, Elizabeth Waters informing students that they can get help with resumes, cover letters and mock interviews by making an appointment with her and making it known Delta offers resources for students looking to enter the work field.

One of the resources people can use is an app called jobspeaker, where employers post any job openings and make it easy for students to find work in their related field.

Two key ideas that were brought up throughout the presentation were self confidence and common sense.

Some of the things  one could do before an interview included finding information about the company, position, daycare, transportation and proper clothing.

Before an interview, Anessa and Nambo stressed the importance of being yourself and to not stress. Proper time management and maintaining politeness were also highlighted.

“When you do talk about your achievements it’s important to highlight what you’ve achieved and what your working on to achieve more, when you do kind of exaggerate and you’re called on it, the employer might say ‘well this is what you mentioned and nothings happening,’ so don’t over exaggerate,” said Nambo.

Being 10-15 minutes early with a positive attitude and not showing up late are tips for beginning a great interview.

Selling yourself and your achievements with confidence, eye contact, asking questions and making a strong exit with a simple thank you were some of the do’s.

Nambo, who has been in sales for 27 years and with Aflac for seven, has worked his way up to find his passion by starting with a bread company, selling cars and homes, but wanted to make a difference in the community which lead him to Aflac.

To end the presentation, Nambo and Anessa discussed important topics about keeping professional emails to a work email not personal, being mindful on social media, dating in the workplace and how making friends in the workplace is good but to make sure a level of professionalism is maintained as well.

Being involved in the community is what companies are looking for in potential employees, like colleges are when looking at potential students.

“It is a huge, huge, plus if you get involved in your community because remember, you’re building a life there, building a community really means your going to help support whats actively happening and what your going to bring to the table to help that community grow,” said Nambo.