EDITORIAL: Millennial and Generation Z voters are lazy but have every reason to not be so

Are you concerned about the state of our nation? Do policies seem outdated?

American history is filled with the tales of how groups and individuals fought for freedom from oppression. Today, we still have to deal with injustices.

We at The Collegian think, unfortunately, a large majority of those who are concerned about change rarely take the opportunity act.

Specifically, Millennials and Generation Z voters can be hypocritical when it comes to our future. Some of us were literally born with information at our fingertips, and yet we don’t seek out information to better our lives or those around us.

We can register to vote through Instagram, for crying out loud.

It is so common to see ideas on social media about how to: reverse climate change, clean up the earth, implement safer gun laws, end systemic racism, close the gap between classes, fix the redistricting and the electoral college issue, make quality education affordable … The list could go on and on. So then, why aren’t we doing what all other generations in American history have done and tell our representatives what we believe?

We must be forgetting that they work for us.

Or, we must be lazy.

Young voters can’t rely on Bernie Sanders’ radical ideas or Donald Trump’s lack of humanity to define our country. We have to do that ourselves, by voting.

Open Google and search how propositions will affect our communities and which representatives have our best interest in mind. Think of it like snooping on Twitter to make it more interesting. Go out and get the tea on who will work and fight for you!

If you have some hesitancy towards voting, those myths can be busted. For instance: Registering to vote is not what gets you called for jury duty, but your information already in the DMV database probably does.

Your vote does matter! If you don’t contest against, let’s say, representatives who support PUTTING REFUGEE CHILDREN IN CAGES, then who will? Odds are those in support of locking kids up will see their votes become realities.

Are Millennials and Generation Z are too afraid to change the world around us because we’re more concerned with wanting to go back to 2006 and watch the “That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana” mashup?

Our country is only broken if you silently watch 70-year-old men destroy it.