Phone apps disconnect you from the real world


Some people may not realize how rude it looks when your waitress has to get your attention

Millenials are a unique group. See, they’re a group that is the most connected through apps like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and for those who aren’t millenials, Facebook. 

There is always a constant flow of communication from one another. Even when we’re sleeping, notifications and emails are being sent to us for us to see when we wake up. 

The thing that bothers me though is people don’t know when to disconnect. As a server at a restaurant, I see families with young kids playing on iPads and cellphones while parents are tuned into Facebook or emails. 

There’s no talking between them about how their day was or how school is going and only say something when I’m hovering over asking them  what they want to drink for the third time. 

I think social media apps and other apps are helpful, but tend to be more of a distraction and play a part in procrastination. 

To be  honest I was distracted from writing this piece due to app notifications about other people’s photos, not even my own. 

Now I understand the side of apps being helpful and can send reminders to its user about upcoming events and more. 

Apps are there to keep us informed of daily news and stock markets, but when seeing a sexy news story, guess what? I’ll be reading it and I’m sure others would be too. 

That’s why it’s so distracting; staying connected is so important now  days and dropping whatever task is at hand is the new norm. 

Becoming aware of screen time is something not only millennials should be aware of, but most of today’s society. Something Apple is doing in its newest update is having a setting on a home screen showing its user 3 different things: social networking, productivity and other. 

For myself, in one day  I had 3 hours and 30 minutes of screen time on social media and one hour of productivity. 

That’s quite alarming to me and I’ve already made changes to reduce time on social media by putting my phone on do not disturb and focusing on my school and other study objectives.

My hopes aren’t  just focused on students and their productivity, but for everyone in society to be unplugged sometime during the day. Human contact is a necessity to stay sane and is another form of staying connected and I think this is what we all need.