The film isn’t the same as the book — and audiences need to deal with it


Have you ever read a book that you couldn’t put down?

I am not talking about reading it to a certain point then pausing to sleep but those books that make you stay up throughout the night even though you should be studying for a midterm the next day. Those books that have you squealing into your pillow when the male lead tells the female lead how he feels about her and that besides everything he won’t regret falling for her. The kind of book that makes you cry when the girl tells her boyfriend she is going to die and how through it all he wants to make the last days of her life the best yet including marrying her.

Though I should elaborate, I am not talking about a few tears but a mess of tears with a empty Kleenex box on your floor and scattered tissues all over your room with your mom coming in your room wondering if you finally lost your mind.

I love reading one of those books. Those books are addicting to the point I come back to re-read multiple times and dread reading a new book in fear it won’t meet the first books standards.

Nevertheless though I dread starting a new book I shudder when I hear they are making a book based movie. It is inevitable that they would make a movie with plots becoming much more predictable, books especially those best sellers or with award winning authors get chosen to be picked apart and twisted to sell. These book based movies are appealing for the most part because the plot has already been written and the book already has a fan base.

Besides the fact people need to think about the time restraint. Most movies are 2 hours and in rare times extended to 3 which isn’t nearly enough time to get every detail from the book and the script.

Details are going to be forgotten, ignored and/or changed completely from the book. It’s a two to three hour movie compare to a 400 or more paged book.

Whether it Hogwarts, Middle Earth, Dystopian Chicago, the Capitol of Panem or Narnia when it becomes a movie something is going to slip.

Most book turn movies are a bust but there have been some that are binge watching worthy.

A bust would include Everything Everything, Every day and most or all of the Twilight movies.  All these books weren’t all that bad and their plot twists were very different though Jacob Black imprinting on a newborn baby in Twilight Breaking Dawn part one still freaks me out. Twilight wasn’t such a bad book. I got really into vampire, werewolves and hybrids but the movies, dear lord. Maybe it was Kristen Stewart’s lack of emotion for every single scene including the one where they tell her the Volturi is going to kill her daughter. Or it could be the story was lost with all the shirtless guys. You can still look good looking in shirts. Hello, Jasper Hale.

Let’s skip from dreary Forks to the open fields of Scotland.

The Harry Potter movies weren’t exactly like the book but stood on it’s own.Spells like “Wingardium leviosa”, “Lumos” and “ “Accio” have become everyday word and “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” a common phrase especially when I am lazy or have nothing to say, The movie had me laughing, squealing and crying.

Books based on movies has a lot to lose but if done right a lot to gain but beside that point if you expect anything different your an idiot. The movie will never follow the book to the T. It’s not a secret, so people need to stop getting aggressively vocal when they paid for the ticket to watch the damn movie.