Halloween Madness: Sweetest Sixteen Showdown

Our staff narrowed down what we considred the Top 16 Halloween candies to crown the ultimate surprise winner from a final four of Kit Kat, M&Ms, gummy worms and Sour Patch Kids — we are just as shocked as you likely are with the gummy worm win


Final Four treats elicit delicious memories for members of staff

In Halloween spirit, The Collegian staff decided to vote and find out what Halloween candy is our most coveted.

We started with 16 well-known and popular candies and the top four came down to gummy worms, Kit Kats, Sour Patch Kids and M&M’s.

We were not prepared for the results. We assumed a chocolate would win. Who doesn’t love a Snickers? Or a Milky Way?

Surprisingly, Sour Patch Kids beat out Kit Kats. Also gummy worms kicked M&M’s to the curb.

The vote for the final two was where it became especially heated: Sour Patch Kids and gummy worms tied!

We had to ask our newspaper advisor, lab tech and a classroom visitor to break the tie. Even then, we were shook about how it all played out.

Gummy worms won by some miracle. The lovers of the wiggly candies justified the choice by telling us how amazing worms are.

We’re still not convinced.

Kit Kat – Catlan Nguyen

Kit Kats made it into the top four of our staff’s candy bracket because it is far more than just a chocolate candy.

It’s an interactive experience that encourages candy lovers to share the crunchy sweet goodness with others.

From the first crunch of breaking the two halves to the crunch in your mouth, Kit Kats always satisfies a sweet-tooth craving.

The simplicity in the ingredients of a wafer bar wrapped in a perfect hug of milk chocolate makes the candy the ultimate go-to for Halloween.

Gummy Worms – Joseph Munoz III

Let’s face it, kids are pretty gross, and they tend to play around with disgusting objects and animals.

That’s where Gummy Worms come in. Gummy Worms give you all the childhood satisfaction of eating something that your parents would yell at you for, while also tasting delicious in a variety of combined flavors.

Each colored worm slithers down your throat, giving your taste buds a burst of wild cherry, orange, and watermelon goodness.

Truly, you can feel like the monstrous predator that you’ve always wanted to be, devouring each worm by chomping it in half and allowing yourself to enjoy a delicious treat in the process.

M & Ms – Ayaana Williams

Decadency doesn’t come close when describing the heavenly M&M. The slight candy crunch leading up to the chocolatey inside is a feeling beyond satisfaction. However, flavor is stronger in numbers. In other words, you can never have just one.

Not only do M&M’s trigger the tastebuds, the little chocolate pieces spark imagination with alluring colors.

My favorite thing to do is dump the entire pack of M&Ms out on a plate or a napkin and put them in color coordinated piles before enjoying this delectable treat one-by-one.

Remember, the “share size” is strictly optional.

Sour Patch Kids – Victoria Torres

Sour Patch Kids start off by being so sour it leaves some people with a not-so-attractive puckered face.

But after our saliva glands are over-activated they become this soft and sweet patch, so sweet they’re gone in an instant.

Sour Patch Kids are the best candy around. Sour, sweet then gone, and kind of like me.

Although Sour Patch Kids didn’t make it to number one, it deserved to be in the top four. This beloved candy fits right in with its competitors as a beloved classic.

Thank you, Sour Patch Kids, for being my spirit candy.