Mustangs soccer wins again


The Delta College Mustangs women’s soccer team played against the Folsom Lake College Falcons on Oct. 16 at home.

The game had a quick beginning with the Mustangs scoring a goal within the first 15 minutes from the kickoff.

The Mustangs won the game 2-1, with the Falcons’ lone goal coming on a penalty kick.

So far, the Mustangs have had a successful season with a 13-2-2 record and are undefeated at home.

“So far this season has been good to us, did not start how we all wanted but still taking the wins that we need,“ said forward Jay Her. “We really could be better and go bigger once we start to put together our pieces. I am proud of where we’re at right now. The season is not over yet and I can’t wait to see what this team can do for us as a team and for me.”

Nailah Staples, freshman, scored the first goal of the game and Jay Her, freshman, had the game-winning goal.

During the game, the Mustangs had a lot of communication and the connection between the team as a whole seemed to be strong.  It showed that the communication really helped with the win.

Goalie Amanda Leal, did a good job as she finished with seven saves in the win.

“To me, I think being on the team is a privilege. To have and to know that there are people you’ve never met before have your back always is such a good feeling. Being on the team means that I have nothing to lose no matter what,” said Her.

There are only four games left in the season, all of which are conference games but with the way this season has been so far, the outlook for the rest of the season seems promising.