Police respond to report of crack pipe in Shima bathroom


On Oct. 16, Delta College police responded to a incident on campus involving drug paraphernalia. 

The incident was reported to police by a campus janitorial staff member.

According to police, a custodian heard something hit the ground near the all-gender bathroom on the first floor of the Shima building. 

The item was believed to be a crack pipe. 

After being contacted police arrived to the area and intruder was escorted off campus by authorities. 

“Officers standing in front of the bathrooms had nothing to do with the actual bathrooms, that just happened to be the area where the drugs were reported,” said Jim Bock, a Delta police sergeant. 

Some students were concerned with the fact there were officers standing in front of the newly placed all-gender bathrooms, with the idea it might have had something to do with student safety and privacy. 

“When I saw them out there I kind of automatically assumed that maybe there was something going on or maybe they were just looking out for things that could happen with all-gender bathrooms like assault,” said student Alonzo Crawford. 

Campus police typically send out mass emails concerning any information students may need to know about such as possible bathroom surveillance. 

An annual report was recently sent out about on Oct. 4 about crime rates across Delta Stockton campus compared to city-wide crime rates that included this years reports of rape, sexual assault, theft, homicide, etc. 

Despite misconception, this had little to do with the all-gender bathrooms.

Authorities want to make sure students know there will not be police surveillance the all-gender restrooms frequently and Delta officers respect the privacy of students and trust the general safety of campus.