Photography lab position extended through December by board of trustees

Photo By Kirstyn Russell

On Oct. 16, the Delta College Board of Trustees made the decision to  extend the time for the photography lab technician to December 21st.

Photography professor Kirstyn Russell and students who take or are majoring in photography have slight relief at least knowing that there will be a lab technician for final projects.

“I give the students a ton of credit stepping up and speaking up and sending emails, reaching out to community being proactive about a situation that deeply affects them,” Russell said.

The move comes after students and faculty spoke out at a previous board meeting against removing the lab technician at an earlier time.  

Just like many students this affects some with time restraints, meaning they have work or just not a lot of time to get their work done and it doesn’t help that they will have a shorter amount of lab time.

“I have two jobs right now so I’m trying to balance both these jobs and school and right now this is my only class, but it is very time consuming. Between both jobs and this class, I need all the time I can get to come in and get what I need done,” said Delta student Doris Maldonado.  “It take multiple hours just to develop and print one photo and at least a hour and a half to develop a film, and it could take longer if there is multiple rolls.”

This also puts more stress on students who will be coming in for next semester, meaning they have to prepare to possibly have less lab time to get any projects done.

Arts & Communication Dean Christopher Guptill said there’s potential for extending the position through the end of the year, but not at the current full-time level. The money would come from division funds.

“Figuring out how we are going to be able to adapt the program and what other sources of fundings that might be available.”