Changes I want to see in America


1.) Breakdowns of yearly personal taxes, showing how much money goes into public services such as schools, welfare, healthcare and more.

It is common for taxpayers to complain that they have to pay into public programs that better the lives of citizens who are not as privileged. When I think of my neighbors who are infuriated about portions of their tax money going towards welfare, it hurts. Where is their empathy? I want Americans to have a breakdown of exactly how much money over the course of a year goes into welfare, to see how it does not break the bank to give someone support when they need it most. Helping fellow Americans have access to first world necessities is not the heavy burden that lawmakers and politicians make it out to be. As I’ve interpreted from Fox News numerous times.

2.) Dismantle the electoral college so that popular vote determines the outcome of presidential elections.

To get onto the electoral college, members are often paid off by the richest constituents. Regular voters are discouraged by the fact that their voice is null when it comes time to pick the leader of the free world. Many people do not want to vote based off of the fact that the electoral college rarely reflects the voice of the people. (Analog) votes should be tallied to determine future presidents and give power back to who it was promised. The people.

3.) Create districts based off of strict population counts in order to eliminate redistricting issues. Representatives should speak for a set amount of constituents and not acres.

When Brett Kavanaugh was placed in the supreme court, the votes from representatives were coming from a bunch of states who, combined, had the equivalent population of one southern California county. This in no way accurately reflects the views of America. The majority of Americans do not trust Kavanaugh to unbiasedly judge cases that immediately affect them. Unfortunately, because of the way representatives are currently placed, America is spoken for by voices that are not her own.

4.) Automatic registration of voters in the mail.

Simplicity or options? Which is better? And when? Registering to vote is a task that shouldn’t have to be initiated by citizens. In some european countries where automatic registry is the norm, statistics show the democracy functions better. The voices of our democracy have been stifled by registry and voting being forgotten because our society moves so fast. Imagine that you get all your ballots after your 18th birthday mailed directly to you without ever going out of your way. No one asks you what party you belong to, you simply look up candidates and laws online and make decisions and send the ballot right back out.

5.) Heavily taxed and regulated private businesses to the same standards of public ones.

Universities, healthcare, prisons, insurance systems and more need to be brought down to the standard of their mirroring public institutions to ensure opportunities are available to all Americans who live without private privileges.

As our nation gets older, we must make changes that reflect the society of today. This is the way to better the future and make sure laws of our choosing are enacted without influence of the powerful and their payouts.