Donald Trump and the 14th amendment


President Trump has announced that he wants to eliminate Birthright Citizenship, although this is protected in the 14th Amendment he will attempt by executive order.

Many people from different countries come to America to have better lives for their children and themselves.

Obviously having kids on American soil doesn’t guarantee the parents citizenship but it gives their children a fighting chance to have a life their parents couldn’t.

According to Pew Research center American births from non- citizens had dropped 36% since 2007.

So this really isn’t and shouldn’t be a priority on the president’s agenda, and its somewhat hypocritical of him.

He spends a lot of his time on trying to make sure immigrants don’t come to the country which is what his whole campaign was built on, but to counter that he seems to forget his own wife is an immigrant.

If she was not a citizen what would this mean for their son? Would the actual narrative change or is something that has not been a problem going to diminish to its previous state of never being an actual problem.