Rival superhero series face off on the small screen


“DC” vs. “Marvel.”

“Thor” vs. “Wonder Woman.”

“Jessica Jones” vs. “Arrow”

There has always been a war between DC and Marvel fans. There are some people who enjoy both DC and Marvel just preferring to watch superhero shows and movies in general. It might be the action-packed fight scenes, those comedic and fun-loving characters or heroes in general that draw people in. Nevertheless, the battlefield between DC and Marvel has moved from movies and television to streaming services — to be more precise Netflix and CW. CW has its own app and can be watched through some streaming services online, which includes Netflix but is remembered by the channel on television above all.

The shows on CW include “Supergirl,” “The Flash,” “Arrow,” “DC Legends of Tomorrow” and “Black Lightning.” These shows have become popular, with “Arrow” being on their seventh season . The CW’s superhero shows started up with “Arrow’s” lead character, Oliver Queen. “Arrow” was a strong character with the suit, but Queen’s life was like watching a soap opera that repeats. The Queens also had problems that not everyone can sympathize with unless you’re a rich white man.

“The Flash” series also starts off incredible, but has fallen due to its lack of story. Although both shows have gone downhill,  “The Flash” started an exciting cycle of crossovers. “Arrow”appeared in the first episode of “The Flash” and gave Barry Allen, “The Flash”, words of encouragement at the end of the episode. It was just a couple minutes long, but it soon led to the interconnected full episodes we have today like “Crisis on Earth X.”

“Crisis on Earth-X” had “Supergirl,” “The Flash,” “Arrow” and “DC Legends of Tomorrow” characters fighting as a team, as they did in the “Invasion” crossover where they brought in “Supergirl.” Both crossovers pushed the disappointment in their respective series to the side for a moment and allowed audiences to watch favorites in a classic good vs. evil battle — with a side of comedic relief in the forms of Felicity Smoak and Cisco Ramon.

The Netflix shows include “Jessica Jones,” “Daredevil,” “Luke Cage,” “Iron Fist,” “Punisher” and “Defenders” are quite different from CW superheroes. Not only are Netflix’s series all Marvel-based, but they’re much more graphic — maybe because they air solely on a streaming service and don’t need to follow the restrictions of television. “Jessica Jones” is an example: she is a detective so the first scene contains her photographing a cheating wife with her lover. Very sexually explicit. Only to she smash the husband’s face into the glass when he wouldn’t pay her. Each series has its pull, and the series has its own crossover in “The Defenders,” which also brings together each show’s characters.

Delta College student Caitlyn Tan said that on Netflix, she only watched “Jessica Jones” and on CW, “The Flash” was her go-to. If she had to choose between them, “Jessica Jones” would win.

Which comes as no surprise, because Jones is a badass. She has her faults, but she knows them — and she also doesn’t have a filter, so she’ll point out yours.

“I feel like there is more detail to the show,” she said. Though as much as Tan liked the details she would prefer the CW shows so then she wouldn’t be tempted to binge watch the series then like wait a year or more to watch it again.

Delta student Bryan Razo disagrees. 

“Anything is better than Netflix originals,” he said.

Netflix focuses on action, while CW homes in on characters, which means at times you might be frustrated, but not ready to stop watching.