Supporting Delta Mustang athletics important to team success


Delta College is always for the programs on campus, whether if its well known or if it’s not as popular. 

The athletic program is a huge department on campus and many teams are doing well within the division, such as water polo, volleyball and soccer. 

All teams should get the recognition and support from campus and families, but how do people know if there isn’t any type of advertisement?

“I think the school should set up more signs around campus, I know there is always one I see by the Budd building but as I’m walking on to campus, there’s like a little sign with white board marker and over the course of the day it will get faded, but that’s the biggest sign I see, other than that its word of mouth,” said Delta student Christina Imeri. 

There is also team schedules posted on the Delta Athletics site but still not a lot of people know much then the fact that sports teams exist. 

“We support each other on Cross Country — there’s one loyal family that always comes to every single competition and they are always cheering for us. I would like more support from community, but it’s cross country and we are all over the place. So it is difficult for people to come to every event,” said Delta student Carmen Cruz.  “When you hear people cheering for you and your school and peers or classmates it really does make a difference in how we see ourselves as athletes and also as being part of the community.”

If students go to the games, then it will get others talking about the sports teams. 

“We have semi-decent crowds, but at the same time it always felt kind of empty unless it was a big meet with multiple schools or a tournament where there were families from the school and the swimmers and players watching as well, but on our end, it was quiet,” said Imeri.

Having support from your school can boost the team’s motivation to win the game.