Delta student gives back through donations


As we approach the season of giving, students at Delta are finding ways to give back to the community through creativity.

Delta student Ethan Niemeyer carries a selfless desire to help people in the Stockton community through his own clothing brand he calls Profile.

“I always wanted to have my own clothing brand since high school but never took it as serious as I should have,” said Niemeyer. “The idea eventually came to me that it’s much bigger than just clothes, and I have so many interests that I decided to make it like a hub of all my interests whether it be taking pictures, making clothes, interviewing artists, all while at the same time promoting local artists that I enjoy.”

Profile is promoted by Niemeyer and a small group of his friends who also enjoy the idea of supporting local Stockton artistry. 

Niemeyer hopes to make Profile into a portfolio for his own work, while at the same time using it to support his local community.

“This is not just for me. I want other people to be able to have a place where they can put their art out as well,” said Niemeyer. “I want to get to the point where I’m able to help other people sell their art and clothes on my website so that it’s like an exclusive community thing. The bigger picture is that it’s for everyone, not just me.”

Niemeyer hopes to one day be able to expand his ideas into communities beyond Stockton, such as in the Bay Area. 

“My long term goal is to spread out as far as I can, and then ultimately bring it all back to Stockton and make Stockton into a city that I see it has the potential to be for people like myself,” said Niemeyer.

So far, Profile has hosted one event  called “The Backyard Show,” where Niemeyer did live screen printing while multiple performances were put on by local artists and performers.

“It was a lot more work than I thought it would be but it was completely worth it and there was such a great turn out and I loved the idea of being able to bring people together like that,” said Niemeyer.

The objective for Profile isn’t only to support local artistry, but to use events involving art to give back to the community.  

Niemeyer’s upcoming event for Profile on Nov. 17 called “Creative Soup” is a charity event he is putting on where 100 percent of donations are going to St. Mary’s Dining Room.

The event will include Vintage Profile clothing giveaways, raffles and performances by local artists. 

“The idea to do it the week before Thanksgiving kind of fell into my hands and it just seems so perfect and a perfect time to do charity and give back with the holidays coming up,” said Niemeyer. 

“Creative Soup” will be held in downtown Stockton at the “Vox Pop” venue located on 159 N. Hunter St., Stockton, near the movie theater. 

Niemeyer, along with dozens of local artists will be there collecting clothes, food and cash donations for St. Mary’s Dining Hall as entry fees for the event; however, bags of food and clothing are encouraged more over cash donations to really help out the homeless community during this upcoming winter.