Avoiding difficult family questions during holidays


With Thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror, the following advice was born out of patience and frustration.

Hopefully, these tips will be helpful for when you see extended family again during the holiday season.

Tip #1: Leave Politics Alone

The most important tip is to NEVER bring up politics with any family member especially if it will only lead to heated, close-minded, stubborn arguments. While we would all love to make others see our point of view, the holidays just isn’t the time. Arguing will not make people want to agree with you.

Politics doesn’t make for merry small talk.

Tip #2 Misdirection is Key

To avoid the rapid-fire grilling from Aunt Becky about why you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend or when the next baby is coming, ask them questions about their lives or answer their questions with a question.

Most people will love droning on about themselves so you should be safe for a while.

Also, keep yourself busy by helping out in the kitchen or playing with your nieces/nephews. This will make it harder for Aunt Becky to interrogate you.

The go-to line you’ll want to remember is “I need to help (insert family member’s name) with this.”

Tip #3 Find Your People

Surely, you must like someone in your family: your siblings, cousins, grandma, dog.

Revel in getting to catch up with them and basically help each other hide out from Aunt Becky. Your sweet cousin Lana will act as a buffer to any dreaded conversations.

Sidenote: If the only family member you like is the family dog then I would seriously consider not visiting home for the holidays.

Tip #4 Distraction can be good too

If you know how to play an instrument, sport or you found a movie or board game that your family will love, have them focus on any of these instead of your love life.

Play them a jolly tune.

Toss a football around or go sledding.

Invest in jumbo Jenga.

Watch “Elf” for the millionth time. These can all be enjoyable as well so your holidays aren’t a complete hell-hole.

Always look for that silver lining.

These tips should help you survive the endless amounts of quality family time coming up. Remember, most family members want what’s best for you and envy your youth. Try to see the good in them and remember they come from a place of love.

Good luck.

Bonus tip: You can book yourself a vacation during the holidays with a significant other or mutual lone soul who also can’t stand their family. This is the ultimate way to avoid family questions.