Screenshot from "Ralph Breaks the Internet" when Vanellope meets all of the classic Disney princesses. Image courtesy

Upset about how women and female characters are portrayed in movies? 

Then you’ll find “Ralph Breaks the Internet” a breath of fresh air. 

The follow up to 2012’s “Wreck-It Ralph” is a hit and not just for children.

As always, Disney knocks it out of the park with the animation, visuals and soundtrack.

However, this movie stands out because of how the storyline unfolds. 

Our protagonists from the first movie, Vanellope and Ralph, are thrown into a whole new world when a problem calls for them to venture into the Internet.

Vanellope and Ralph are arcade game characters and became an unlikely pair of friends in the first movie. The second movie calls for the two to rally and fix the game Vanellope is in.

Vanellope comes to a crossroads when she needs to pick between her friendship with Ralph and her dream to be in a more challenging, fun video game. She meets new character Shank, voiced by Gal Gadot, who also races in a much more intense and hardcore game. Vanellope admires and befriends Shank and wants to race in her game.

Basically, the movie’s main conflict is having to choose between your loved ones and your dream job. 

The plot of the movie must be commended because the female characters are depicted like modern-day women. 

Vanellope, along with countless other female characters are shown as strong, capable and independent. 

All of the Disney princesses make a cameo in this movie. Their scene especially sheds light on how women are finally beginning to be depicted as three-dimensional characters. Vanellope claims she is also a princess since she is in her arcade game. The other princesses ask her multiple questions that are satirical about the plights from their own movies. The best line of that entire scene was when Rapunzel asks Vanellope, “Do people assume all of your problems got solved because a big strong man showed up?” Vanellope then replies, “Yeah, what’s up with that?!”

Sexism isn’t the only theme the film tackles.

Vanellope and countless other characters are left “gameless” after a tween breaks the steering wheel off of their game. 

This is similar to advances in technology leaving many people jobless. Nowadays, most games are played on the internet or on a console. Many arcade games are dying out. This points to our constantly changing economy.

The overall message that I hope viewers understand from this movie is realizing how one can grow out of friendships and relationships. 

Don’t let anybody stop you from pursuing your dreams. 

I highly recommend you take your children, siblings, nieces and more to see this movie. Not only will they find it hilarious and fun, you also might just learn a lesson or two.