Students inspire others to rediscover style, confidence


After dabbling into fashion in high school, former Delta student Franky Roman is looking to make his mark in the fashion community. 

David Flores, fellow designer and creator got to an early start in fashion at the age of six. His grandmother taught him how to sew.

“When I was little, mom and grandmother always encouraged arts and crafts. I started sewing when I was around six,” said David Flores. 

Franky Roman and David Flores created the fashion-line Lavender Child. They named it this because they both like the color and consider the word “child” to be inclusive.

“We liked lavender as a color and we added the child to give it a sort of “free people” vibe. Very boho, simple, and yet can be non-gender specific,” said Roman. 

The two spoke about starting up a line for years but they say it wasn’t until they were a few drinks in and started talking about who their clients would be. That lead to starting Lavender Child.

“She is a free spirited woman who is around 25 to 40 of age… we try to keep it gender neutral. Handmade garments for the free and confident,” said Flores. 

Lavender Child can be found in local markets and boutiques selling their clothes for nothing more than fifty dollars. Everything is all handmade. 

“Everything we make has been made by us. We do not do production with factories or anything,” said Flores.

There is a lot of determination behind the line from brainstorming to looking at colors and inspirational pictures.

After his first fashion show, Roman’s mom was on board to see him thrive and do what he loves and is good at. 

 “Practice, practice, practice. You won’t be good at something if you give up after the first mistake,” said Roman. 

From being in a local boutique, selling online, and appearing at local markets, the brand will one day have its own storefront for the free spirited people that Lavender Child represents.

 For now, Lavender Child can be found for online shoppers on Etsy under Lavender Child Designs. For those who like going in store, Lavender Child can be found at The Fashionable You Boutique in downtown Lodi, address 9 S. Sacramento St. 

Store hours are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday from 12 to 5 p.m. They’re closed Monday and Sunday.

To stay updated on their new items, follow the brand on Instagram at lavenderchilddesigns.