Teach yourself love, patience, and pain…


Ariana Grande is a dangerous woman making her mark on pop culture, especially with the Internet breaking single “Thank u, next.”

The music video for the single was debuted Dec.1, and in less than 22 hours broke the YouTube record for most views in 24 hours at 46 million.

Grande can do it all.

She made a hit single and music video that broke the Internet in a span of six weeks from the time of her split with Pete Davidson, while still grieving over her ex’s Mac Miller’s death.

We have no excuses folks. We can do everything, without having a Britney Spears moment.

Life can be hard for us normal people. We have normal everyday issues, celebrities do too though, and unless your life’s information and problems are being blasted on TMZ like Grande’s, take a seat.

We can all learn a lesson here.

This May, Grande and Miller split after being together for about two years.

Later that month, it was rumored Grande and Davidson were an “item”.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Wow that’s not a heartbreak,” or “She got over Mac Miller really fast.”

I thought the same, but why do her decisions for herself matter to anyone else?

They don’t.

I’m sure most of us don’t like when people around us judge our decisions, so why be so hypocritical to judge her, or anyone for that matter? It’s most likely no one ever knows both sides to a story or how someone has been feeling for months. S0o just try and have an open heart.  Months later, after being engaged, she now deals with Miller’s death, a grief few have known (celebrities and us normal people) and a few weeks later have her engagement fail, a situation many have been in too.

Let’s just say 2018 was far from a perfect year and we’ve all had those years. We should be inspired Grande gives us something to look up to.

She didn’t just stay on the ground when she got knocked down, she took all of her experiences and emotions and turned them into “Thank u, next.”

We can all appreciate our experiences in life. As they shape us to be who we are, and the lessons we will always remember, but we can’t stay down when we get knocked down.

If Grande can go through all of that, we can get through the hard times too.

Sometimes, the people or situations that are negative in our lives are there to teach us a lesson, but why can’t we say thank you, next, too?