Campus Safety


Throughout the Delta college campus, there are many officers patrolling the parking lot and watching the quad/courtyard. But there is one place where many students go after their classes where police are not usually spotted, the bus stop.

The bus stop, across from the DeRicco Building, is a very busy place as it is a place many students wait for a ride after class. Although there are a lot of people in the area there have been posts on twitter about a man who was following women around the bus stop.

Delta Student Olivia Simmons said, “I feel pretty safe around campus. I see police officers around campus all the time and I have not been followed or seen anyone suspicious. So I’d say I generally feel safe.”

Delta currently has 45 blue light phones around campus and a text/email service, TipSoft, that allows students to report and receive tips of any crimes, fugitives and amber alerts.

Personally I feel safe on campus and have not seen anyone following others around. However, I have seen on twitter posts about being aware of surroundings while on campus because few men have approached women.

Receiving the TipSoft alerts is very useful as it provides the date, location, and time of the reported incident, all of which are related.

Although the campus police is doing a good job of updating students and watching over certain areas of the school, students should still be aware of their surroundings and if they see something suspicious to report it.