ASDC gets down in Danner

ASDC and students dance to 70's throwbacks in Danner. Photo by Tyra Green
ASDC and students dance to 70’s throwbacks in Danner. Photo by Tyra Green

On Jan. 17, the Associated Students of Delta College (ASDC)  hosted a 70’s themed event in Danner Hall for students to come together and meet student body officers.

Students were offered hot dogs, chips and a drink for showing up. Many students got together with friends just to sit down and enjoy the 70’s throwbacks being played.

“I’m very happy that Delta has these events because you would think that Delta is just a community college like there isn’t much, you just go to school and that’s it. They try to do events that target everybody so you get to know people and it brings students together,” said Delta student Stephanie Jimenez.

ASDC had a small table set up for students to ask questions or meet the officers. Many of the students there were talking to one another and getting the chance to meet new people.

“It’s more welcoming to the people just starting at this college and it’s just a different activity then want you get from inside a class room and it’s just inviting,” said Ashley Buffo, a Delta student.

At one point, ASDC officers and Delta students got up and danced with one another in front of the stage to some isco classics.

“It’s a good way to meet new people, like I’ve met about four people in here already,” said student Rashon Stafford.

There was a small 70’s themed costume contest that two students participated in and both went home with Jansport backpacks filled with Delta gear provided by the bookstore.