Sparks fly at 5th annual welding showdown


On Jan. 18, the Workforce Development Center of Delta College, hosted its 5th annual Welding Showdown.

This event  was a practice competition hosted for high school students in the Stockton area.

“It’s a practice competition for later on if they go and compete in skills or state or if they want to further their welding career,” said Delta College student Lorenzo Duenas.

There were many high schools attending the showdown including Lincoln High, Bear Creek, Lodi High, BE. Tech, Ripon High and Venture Academy.

This competition is a way for students to get practice with equipment that many of the high schools in the area have limited access to.

“Some of these students haven’t worked any of these machines that we have, luckily for Delta we have these machines and we provide them with the equipment, the tools and all they need,” said Duenas.

Students showcased skills learned throughout the school year. The participants created simple projects, following instruction manuals to present and took small quizzes testing their knowledge and showing where they could improve.

“There are more machines that are more advanced than others and it’s a good way to get more experience,” said Lincoln High School student Michael Keller.

BE. Tech of Manteca took first place in the competition out of the six schools competing.