Color of the year for 2019 brings great disappointment


It’s 2019 and with a New Year comes 365 days of opportunities.

It also means  a new color of the year.

Pantone had finally released the color of the year, which turned out to be a disappointment.

“Living Coral” is the color of 2019.

For a fashionista, it’s a disillusion from 2018’s Ultraviolet or 2017’s Greenery.

Even the Rose Quartz and Serenity 2016’s duo seems a better option.

Living Coral is a reddish or pink shade of orange based on the tint, tone and shade added.

Coral isn’t terrible but doesn’t seem like this year’s color.

Though the shade is quite popular in the summer it becomes obsolete in fall. It’s a color that goes with the seasons which isn’t what a color of the year should be.

The color of the year reflects the needs and wants of the consumer based on the prior year but also has to be marketable throughout the year.

So many factors come into play in choosing this color: things that happened whether on United States soil or around the world, and things people remember and are still talking about.

It can go from President Donald J. Trump’s wall to Ariana Grande’s song “thank u, next.”

Also considered is color meaning and what people think when seeing the color.

Living Coral is a color that “embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment,” Pantone said on its website explaining the decision.

In short, they picked a bright, cheerful color that covers up the darkness beneath but we don’t need another happy color that hides us from what’s going on.

Coral has a pink base which is closely tied to being feminine and maternal, which isn’t bad — but women are past traditional at this point.

Not all women want to be mothers, or like pink for that matter.

Women are more bold and much more confident, with all these aspirations that this color is not. It’s like this color wants to reinforce a status quo that just doesn’t exist anymore.

The red base won’t make much of the difference either with the orange added in, because it dulls the color and changes the meaning. While red symbolizes passion and power, orange has this two faced effect.

Coral just creates this beautiful disaster where everything is falling apart around you while you’re muting out the noise.

Some might just see a color, but as a fashionista I see a thoughtless decision.

The 2019 color should show the nation’s strength to be the voice for change.

We can’t stay in that bubble forever.

Last year was a wake-up call.

We need a color that’s bold, strong and confident to demand the communication and honesty we aren’t getting.

The nation is lost— we don’t need more deceitfulness, distrust and self-centeredness.

Looking at the color palette of 2019 it’s say Pantone maybe second guess because Vivacious, Ibiza Blue, or Viridian Green could have been that color.