Choral teams up with RTV for Valentines’ gram sales


Have you ever wanted to do something creative that no one has ever thought of? Well we have the perfect option, individuals may have a chance to purchase a gram next year and have their special person sang to.

This year the choral students teamed up with the radio and television department to provide Valentine grams for campus

Choral sold grams from Feb, 4-8, Said Lawrence Torres, a member of the Delta choir and a student.

The grams began airing Feb. 13 and run through Feb. 15. The slotted time is between noon and 12:30 p.m. on KWDC.

“When our choral leaders and I discussed about fundraising ideas last semester, one of my colleagues brought up the idea of doing Valentine Grams like in high school. However, we didn’t really think about going through the idea due to possible logistical issues (the whole idea didn’t seem to work well in a college setting). I’m currently taking an audio production class at Delta’s Radio Television department, which gave me idea of delivering the song grams over radio instead. I also thought it would be a great collaboration between the two departments,” said Torres

Torres was the student mastermind that came up with the idea to pair the two courses up and try to take the workload of getting everything situated.

He worked alongside with student choir and KWDC radio station so came up with the grand scheme to work together and possibly come up with the best fundraiser.

“Proceeds from the gram sales will fund a trip for choral students to New York City,” said Torres.