Danner shouldn’t get to pick when students get hungry

Angel Martinez, along with other student chefs serve breakfast in Danner Hall. This is the best option for real food at Delta, but hours are based around culinary classes. PHOTOS BY WILLIAM MITCHELL III

Delta College has had its issues with its cafeteria over the past year.

But after so many complaints, it seems as though students will have to live with what we’ve been given as far as food options.

But why is Delta campus so limited when it comes to what hours of the day we can be hungry?

Danner Hall cafeteria is open Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., and on Friday from  7 to 11 a.m.

These may seem like fair, reasonable hours to some, but not so much to people who start their classes as early as 6 a.m. and as late as 4 p.m. 

With the many different variations of class schedules, Danner’s hours should not reflect only the more popular hours for class times.

The Friday hours, especially, should change for the benefit of students.

I have gone to Danner after my Friday 11 a.m. class multiple times only to be disappointed that I couldn’t get a snack or a cup of coffee before my next class.

The hours are not clearly posted in the building, so it took me awhile to realize what days and times I’m able to go in between classes.

However, it shouldn’t have to be that way.

Some people are in classes and working in labs —sometimes all day — and should have access to more than just vending machine snacks during the time they are there.

In cases like this, students may be more inclined to leave campus to get food when Danner is not open, causing frustration of having to find parking again or simply not wanting to return after they’ve left campus.

If Danner extended its hours, it would be overall beneficial to hardworking students, faculty and staff who spend a great deal of time on campus.