San Joaquin art group showcases local talent

For the Love of Colors
Artist Betty Berk showcases some of her oil paintings to exhibit attendees. PHOTOS BY JOSEPH MUNOZ

 A non-profit San Joaquin art group is working to give talented local artists a chance to share and collaborate with other artists in their community.

Art Expressions of San Joaquin is displaying an exhibit called “For the Love of Color” in the Stockton County Administration Building through March 4.

The pieces on display are oil-based paintings of different sceneries and objects, painted by local artist Betty Berk.

Each piece is a vibrant display of exaggerated strokes of colors to form rough outlines of cabins, flowers, and fields.

The exhibit had a meet the artist event on Feb. 8 that featured food, music and a chance to meet Berk and purchase some of her works.

A longtime member of Art Expressions, Berk describes her passion for her art in a plaque underneath one of her paintings.

“Art has been an integral part of my life ever since I can remember,” Berk wrote. “As a child I was either sewing, making doll houses with furniture, and paper sculptures, or drawing and painting.” 

“For the Love of Color” is part of a larger effort by Art Expressions to bring local artists together to improve their skills, give them a place to share their work and make a name for themselves.

“We are a collaborative group that is looking to promote the arts in our community and bring awareness to the arts and to showcase the creativity of each and every artist that belongs in the group so that they can reach out and get exposure but also for the community to embrace it,” said board President Ana Vera. 

Vera expressed her desire for more students to participate in their exhibits and contests to ensure that these artists will have somewhere to express themselves and feel validated in their career paths. 

“Musicians are into their music and artists that create this kind of stuff, they’re into their art and you know what if they start from early on it creates a sense of discipline and dedication,” Vera said.

Other members of Art Expressions also attended the exhibit, looking for inspiration and advice. 

“Now since I joined the art group, seeing the different events they participate in, I got to see what people are drawn to as far as the audience goes. So I just kind of, you know, try to compete and be better,” said Art Expressions member Ruben Hernandez.

Hernandez and many other Art Expressions members attneded the exhibit to meet the featured artistand ask for adivce in their  own works.

“For the Love of Color” will continue to be on display until March 4 and Art Expressions will have a new exhibit from artist Alicia Valenzuela starting March 5.

European Cottage and Garden
European Cottage and Garden
"European Cottage and Garden" by Betty Berk
The Art of Community
The Art of Community
"The Art of Community" by Betty Berk
"Lakeside" by Betty Berk