Nifty + Thrifty

Thrift stores remain popular places to save money despite recent closure


The closure of one of the longest standing thrift stores in Stockton, The Outlet, serves to remind everyone to go and support our remaining thrift stores so these money-saving institutions don’t meet the same fate. 

The Outlet was located on Harding Street and closed due to low inventory and the need to focus on other stores, according to the store’s Facebook page. 

While patrons can still support similar stores in Sacramento, the Bay Area and SoCal locations, this closure is a big loss for the community because the Stockton Outlet location had been around since 1962. 

Thrifting has many advantages for the cash-strapped student. 

Not only do you find unique clothing pieces, but you also save loads of money and it’s eco-friendly. It’s essentially a woke college student’s heaven. You can also find many big name brands for way cheaper than they usually sell for, like the Lucky Brand jeans on Noah Erickson.

Hitting up local garage sales like our male student model, Erickson, for clothes, furniture and more can also the help environment and your wallets.

While shopping at Superior Thrift located on Wilson Way, it was obvious that there were far more women’s clothes. 

This can make it more difficult for guys who want to get into thrifting as well. 

Don’t fret however because Superior Thrift actually had a large selection for guys.

Also, don’t worry about the labels. Anyone can wear clothes from any section. 

If you can make it work, who cares who it was intended for?