Fake positivity is spreading like wildfire; too much negativity is going around


Recently there’s been a negative vibe being thrown out into the world. 

There seems to be more hate than love and more bad than good.

Why is it so hard for us to be nice to one another these days? 

Everyone is self centered and we seem only worried about things affecting us individually. 

But this negativity that seems to be spread among us has also sparked a movement of people being kind to each other. 

Is it all just fake positivity? It’s become more recent especially with how divided things are in our country. 

Who’s to say just because you stand for one thing or person, you’re not still putting negativity towards other things. 

It’s unfeasible for there to be nothing but kindness in the world but that doesn’t mean there can’t be any at all. 

The issue with this is that nothing seems to be genuine anymore. 

It seems like some people are only being nice for show but then switch up again. 

This seems to happen a lot throughout social media especially. People will hide behind a screen and say whatever they feel because they don’t think there can be any consequences.

On the ABC10 Facebook page, they posted a story about the DREAM conference on San Joaquin Delta College’s campus. Some people have been commenting such hateful things that have nothing to do with the actual event or article. 

One person said “and my legal white kids paid every penny. Awesome we take care of others before our own.”

Another commented “I have info and a resource for them …. become LEGAL get your citizenship that’s a great resource.”

Many other comments included the fact that ICE should have been present at the event. But it’s interesting because on Facebook when they comment their names are posted as well.

To me it seems like people will only do things to benefit themselves these days. 

I just don’t understand why people have to be fake about things. 

Positivity shouldn’t spread if it’s fake.

 If more people got over themselves and really tried to spread genuine positivity there wouldn’t be so much negative tension among so many people.