Probability made our system break


As the list of names grows for the 2020 Presidential Election, voters should take probability into account.

The thought of binary voting may seem like a headache to many Americans, but that’s what our system is set up to whittle the contestants down to. 

While it could be argued, and has been, that our  voting system needs reform but in the meantime voters should consider the problem of vote splitting.

Vote splitting lessens the chance of similar candidates winning and leaving the majority of votes to one person, ensuring their win.

It is encouraged to vote for who you personally see fit no matter what, but does that choice further your opposition’s agenda?

When you are researching candidates this year remember to keep vote splitting in mind. 

Remember that the job is much bigger than a figurehead. 

Pick a person who will act democratically above all else.

It’s honestly a shame that people should be expected to take vote splitting into account when they go to vote. 

We shouldn’t have a system where we vote differently based on how we think other people are going to vote; you should vote for who you like.

Voting should be simple – you look at a list of candidates and decide which one best aligns with your own beliefs and values. 

Instead, we have a system that encourages you to vote against someone, rather than for someone. 

Splitting the vote is another name for voting for everyone’s favorite candidate rather than voting for the candidate you like the most.