Trump’s border wall is not a real emergency


President Donald J. Trump’s declaration of a National Emergency, which was probably inevitable, to force Congress to fund the border wall has shown there’s no end to his abuse of the executive orders.

On Feb. 15, Trump’s declaration, which was relayed to Congressmen by Senator Mitch McConnell, entailed the president agreeing to a bill for $1.375 billion for fencing between Mexico and United States border.

If that’s not enough, Trump is also planning to use his executive privilege to siphon funding from other government programs. 

He is bullying the system to get his way while undoing the threads of the principles this country was founded upon.

“His interpretation of what the executive branch can do sets a dangerous bar for future presidents”, said Delta student Jewelian Johnson.

When the framers created this government, with it was a compromise between federalist and anti-federalist to balance out the power but still have the intentions of ruling with the interest of the people at the core. 

This balance hasn’t been seen. In contrast, the opposite has occurred.

Trump’s governing has shown similarities to that of a tyrant.

Trump’s “emergency” is a work of fiction, an illusion he created himself to further blind his sheep because nothing garners support like fear.

Fear has been a major source in Trump’s campaign and continues to be a major factor in his presidency, saying things like “there’s a national crisis at the border,” when in fact immigration from Mexico has seen a steep decline since 2000, according to The Washington Post, while immigration from other regions has increased.

Rather than “Make America Great Again”, with things such as regulating gun control, he would rather deport immigrant families, who have fled their home country to avoid persecution, torture, and violence.

It sounds like the real Crisis is outside of The United States border.

This leads me to believe that this is no longer about the wall, but just a chess move to rally his pawns.

I asked Delta Sociology Professor Harry Mersmann, what is the purpose of Trump declaring a National Emergency, and he replied stating, “The main campaign was on building a wall. It is all about continuing what he promised and then starting to gear up for the 2020 election. He’s got to mobilize the base.”

Trump will continue to point fingers when things go wrong and champion himself when things go right, and most time things go wrong.

As the president, Trump has shown no other abilities than to create polarity in the country, create false statements which create an atmosphere of ignorance, and generate support by making you hate the other candidate.

It is time he takes accountability for his actions and that time will come in the 2020 election.