Help wanted

As Delta College seeks a new president/superintendent, Collegian staff members asked students, faculty and staff what qualities and traits they hoped for in our next campus leader


In January, President/Superintendent Dr. Kathy Hart announced her retirement after seven years at the helm of Delta College. Hart served as interim president/superintendent temporarily before officially stepping into the position during Fall 2012.

The district launched its searched for a new leader this month, with minimum qualifications, according to a new landing page on the college’s website, of:

“Earned a Master’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution or equivalent. At least five years of progressive senior-level administrative experience in a higher education environment. Demonstrated sensitivity in working with students, employees, and community members from diverse ethnic, racial, disability, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds.”

Applications are due April 15, with interviews to be held May 13-15. Forums for final candidates are scheduled for the week of June 3.

Job description aside, we asked students, faculty and staff for what they’d like in the next leader of Stockton’s community college.

  • “I want a president that respects not only the students, but the faculty and professors because they’re hard workers and good people. I also want a president that is more inclined to take action if students have issues with their clubs or class that they need to take, ” said student Elijah Lewis.

  • “I want our next school president to listen to students and the need of this generation and show and inform people that Delta is not a step backward but a step forward,” said student Dave Williams.

  • “I would like her to be more caring towards the students…to offer more help, for example a parking permit should be cheaper.  There should be a day where there’s free lunch,” said student Analilia Rodriguez.

  • “I would want someone who would focus on all the programs that have been cut, leaving students out to dry, such as the culinary program,” said student Caitlin Baird. 

  • “I want our new president to be responsible, respectful and honest with us. Someone who is willing to connect with students,” said student Nick Hernandez.

  • “I want a president that looks out for the well being of student life here at delta,” said student Carson Snell.

  • A president for Delta College that is “empowering of students and always thinking of how to benefit the future of students,” said student Candace Smith.

  • Want them to be fair, qualified, and for everyone to be welcomed,” said professor Ulrike Christofori, who added she would also like to see “shared governance and collaboration with staff.”

  • “The concern at the top of the list for me, someone who makes students a top priority. Sometimes schools can be run like a business. Someone who looks at what our community wants and needs above everything else,” said Instructional Support Assistant Sara McDougall.

  • “I’d like to see somebody that has a real global outlook for the college and what we can do in the years to come because we have such a varied population. Dr. Hart has been so good in the way she’s brought our college along, I’d like to see that continue,” said English Professor Dona Mostafa.

  • “I want someone who is willing to take initiative where needed. Someone who will see through their bias opinions, yet know what choice to make when it comes to the best for our school. I’d like someone who understands not only the staff, but most especially the students’ needs as whole,” said student Jessamae Jordan.

  • “Probably someone who’s either gay or a minority. It’s good to have diversity in leadership and I’m sure most of our presidents have been white,” said student Alonzo Crawford.