Internet clout not worth losing limbs or life over


Everyday social media grows bigger and people become more involved in it. It’s gotten to the point where people will do anything to have something they post go viral. 

Recently a travel blogging couple, @Explorerssaurus_ , posted a photo on Instagram that looked as if they were standing on the edge of a moving train. 

People responded to the post negatively but in the end the photo became a huge talking point. Although the couple, Raquel and Miguel, stated that “the train was almost not moving.”

The photo sparked a conversation about whether these types of actions are worth potentially risking your life.

There are so many other posts online like that and most of them are staged so people can get more attention online. 

Twitter and Instagram are the two social media platforms that have the biggest effect on these types of posts. It can take only a matter of minutes for something to go viral all over those two platforms. 

Some people will do anything possible to have a post get a lot of attention. Although some of them are just funny posts there are also some that look dangerous. 

A lady in Arizona was recently attacked by a jaguar at the Wildlife World Zoo near Phoenix, all because she hopped a fence to get a closer picture with the animal. 

It’s not necessary to risk your own life just to get a simple picture or video in hopes of it going viral, but if people are safe about it and aren’t doing anything dangerous then it’s okay.

In the end people are entitled to do as they please, when it comes to their social media posts and how far they go to get the type of media they want. 

Just remember to be careful and cautious when going to the extreme to get your idea of the perfect picture.