RTV highlights Women’s History Month with video


“I didn’t know most of the buildings here were named after women,” said RTV student Adriana Hernandez.

Delta College’s radio and television classes have centered projects around the celebration of Women’s History Month. RTV students are learning about the process of creating visual and audio content dedicated to significant women in Delta’s history, all hosted on the KWDC website. Videos have covered such figures as Dolores Huerta, Helen Danner, and Alma DeRicco.

The first video to go out set the stage for what’s in store for the remainder of the month. Most videos are student-made, but in the beginning were produced by RTV’s lab tech, Britney Marquez. 

“I think she [Professor Adriana Brogger] came up with the idea a couple of months ago. I put out the first video… And I’ve been working on the podcast that we’re producing weekly,” said Marquez. Videos are filmed and worked on by students primarily with oversight from Brogger and Marquez.

The videos have been released weekly throughout the month.