‘Unslut’ documentary gives sexual assault victims a voice


Unslut, a 40-minute documentary, will screen on March 21 at the University of Pacific in Wendell Phillips Center, Room 140 at 5 p.m. The showing is hosted by Gender Studies Department at the University of Pacific and End Rape Culture (ERC), a Florida based  non-profit organization.
This documentary, examines the impacts of slut shaming and encourages sex positivity, while also educating both men and women on the aspects of sexual assault and rape. 
“The Unslut project also speaks on sexual bullying and how young girls have to navigate life with the threat of being labeled a slut and the consequences that the label has at such a young age,” said ERC co-founder Erica Magana.
The film features six women who experienced sexual shaming as well as insights from sexuality experts and media figures in addition to offering personal, local, and institutional solutions.
The showing of this documentary is timely seeing as how there are many sexual misconduct scandals currently in media.
The #MeToo movement has given a platform for woman to speak up against these deviant behaviors in addition to empowering themselves. According to the New York Times this movement brought down 201 powerful men, including producer Harvey Weinstein.This film follows the movement up by enlightening the social problems that are implemented into the minds of many whether it be misogyny or gender stereotypes.
“We have a culture that exist within our country where there are these institutionalized ideas related to gender where often woman has a lesser gender. There is a double standard because if a man morally decides to have multiple relationships with multiple people, we do not look down on that the same way we do for women,” said Delta College English Professor Lisa William about the aspects of slut shaming and why it is so prevalent in society.
This film acts as a call to action and a reminder to work together to end the word “slut”, acknowledging how empty and degrading this word is.