Arson in Gender Neutral Bathroom


Within the past couple of weeks, Delta College Police have responded to two arson incidents that took place in the Shima all-gender restroom on the first floor. 

The first incident occurred on Wednesday, Feb. 27, in the evening and is believed to have been caused by a partially smoked cigarette. Toilet seat covers were burnt in the toilet, along with the covers on the wall. 

The second incident March 6,  was reported directly a week after the first incident in the late afternoon, When campus police came, they observed that both the toilet covers and toilet paper was burned in both stalls. 

There was only one witness to the first incident and none for the second. The suspect is believed to be a light skinned male, standing at 6 feet tall and 100 pounds, with dirty blonde or light brown hair. 

Due the timing and  similar set-ups, the police have an idea that they are both related. 

If anyone has any information on these two incidents call the District Police Department at (209)-954-5000.