Focus on real issues


Society is easily influenced by the media and of course ‘influencers.’
One person can wind up getting stuck in a never-ending cycle of wanting to know more about this person or family. 

Then this one person turns into many and now there are millions of people turning their backs on real issues that can affect them or even the next generation. 

Many people do enjoy the celebrity drama. It’s a constant conversation starter and it keeps the ones part of the drama relevant. 

While everyone is focusing on who in Hollywood is with whom, climate change is taking a bad toll and no one bats an eye. 

Politicians are only being recognized if it’s under the newest celebrity tweet, and some are over-glamorized due to the fact that their idol likes them. 

News outlets may post about the real issues, but it rarely resonates with the audience they are trying reach. 

The real problem is not enough people are concerned about the events that affect them; they would rather know what happens in Los Angeles than in Washington DC. 

Of course those same people will say that they know but they don’t. They only know what their timeline tells them. 

All it takes is simple research to know what is going on in our government or other countries but nowadays no one wants to research beyond their Facebook or Twitter timelines. 

Look up why Flint Michigan’s water still isn’t clean instead of which Kardashian spouse cheated. 

Why isn’t climate change still being presented as the big issue that it is? Society needs to become aware, and quickly, before it’s too late.