‘Batman’ presents casting problems


What sparkles in the light and has a melodramatic complex? How about if you add in a whiny and obsessive love interest?
What if you also tossed in a guy who seems to have lost his shirt in every scene?
If you guessed “Vampire Diaries,” then you can leave now.
“Twilight” is the answer.
Since the last movie in the “Twilight” franchise was released in 2012 girls have let go of vampires and werewolves are moving on to a man who was a thing for bats
No more Team Edward or Team Jacob.
Speaking about Edward Cullen or by his day name Robert Pattinson, there have been reports that Pattison will be taking on the role of the Batman — which isn’t a welcome change for Caped Crusader fans.
“I don’t feel Robert Pattinson is the best choice for the new Batman. If you look at his history of acting roles, he doesn’t exactly exude the qualities that make up Batman … he is too skinny which is the total opposite of Batman, too pale, and doesn’t talk or act like he has ever hurt a fly in his life. He would be great for a romantic movie but for an action film, especially on starring such an iconic and admired superhero along with the streak of poorly scripted DC movies Warner Bros. have released, I don’t think Pattinson is worth the risk of adding another disappointment to the list. ” said Zachary Darrow. 

Darrow, like other fans picture Batman as this man who is the living embodiment of darkness, grief and overwhelming pain.
Bruce Wayne’s story isn’t the most cheerful, being that his parents are gunned down in front of him at a very young age and that is something that stuck with him leaving behind these deep emotional scars that have never truly mended. 
He battles all of these villains to quench his sense of justice in hopes of one day satisfying his sense of guilt and loss and one day restoring his faith in humanity.The role of Batman has gone through actors left and right but each time we see a distinct Batman. The ‘Batman & Robin’ Batman played by George Clooney Batman is different from ‘The Dark Knight’ Batman played by Christian Bale. Clooney had portrayed the sweet talking playboy well. ‘The Dark Knight’ Batman had shown a vulnerability not seen before and the life or death portrayal very openingly. 
Darrow said that the best voice actor of Batman is Kevin Conroy and as far as a live action depiction of the Dark Knight goes, Ben Affleck has done the best representation of how Batman should truly be.  
As much as Robert Pattinson would like to get away from his Twilight days he will forever be known as a vampire that shines bright like a diamond. 
 “He’s too thin. All I would be thinking is ‘Twilight’ and ‘Where’s Bella?’,” said Jenny Vang, Delta College student.