If you’re not a feminist, you’re a sexist


Feminism is the belief women and men should be treated as equals. 

If you don’t identify as a feminist then you are a sexist, the belief that one gender is better than the other. 

There is no grey area here, you’re either a feminist or just a really crappy person. 

Feminism isn’t just a movement for women although that’s how it started but it has evolved into much more. Whether you’re a man or woman you should be a feminist. 

Telling a male he “kicks like a girl” or telling a female she “runs fast for a girl.” 

These are sexist statements.  

When asked: “Do you identify as a feminist?” student Aasiea Sadiq responded: “Yes, I consider myself a feminist. I want all women to have the same right as men socially, economically and politically.” 

So you may ask if feminism promotes equal rights why is it always turned into a heated subject? 

Many people when hearing the word feminism tend to imagine a group of naked angry women burning bras in the street or think of it as an anti-men movement. 

“I don’t consider myself a feminist because I don’t think being equal to men should be a women’s purpose when we’re capable of so much more,” said student Huma Ahmad. 

The misuse of the word “feminist” is common. 

People tend to blame feminism for a small percentage of women who call themselves feminist as an excuse for lack of hygiene, walking around naked or acting out.   

Let’s take for example shaving armpits, it’s not a feminist statement to not shave your underarms, it’s just nasty.

Whether you are a man or woman I have two words for you: shave it. 

So let’s take back the true meaning of feminism and educate ourselves of what it really means to be a feminist.