J.C. Penney hosts event for Stockton college students


The word “sale” sounds incredible but how does 40 percent  off an entire purchase with an already-discounted price sound?

Extraordinary, especially for students on a budget.

On April 7, J.C. Penney in Weberstown Mall, across the street from Delta College, held a Suit-Up Event for Delta and University of the Pacific students. 

The store was closed at 6 p.m. for regular customers, but remained open until 9 p.m. for students to shop  with their families. 

“It’s a lot easier to shop without so many people plus it’s all 40 percent off,” said Brandon Jones.

Besides the dress apparel and shoes the store also offered discounted head shots starting at $29.99 and free Sephora makeovers.

“It’s helping save a lot of money especially when you’re a college student,” said Kassandra Angulo.

Students were asked to confirm online if they were attending but there were those that showed at last-minute hearing about the event from friends and such. All that was necessary to enter was a student identification or a class schedule. 

Booths were set up outside to check in. There was on booth for each college where names were taken down and coupons were given, as well as a raffle tickets where students could either win a gift card of a Sephora gift basket. 

Inside students were welcomed in by J.C. Penney and college employees while offered snacks to munch on while looking around. 

There wasn’t a spot that wasn’t free to roam and students didn’t waste time, browsing suits to ties for the men and dress or slacks for the woman. 

“I think it’s good … I am a business major and am hopefully starting internships this summer,” said Naureet Kaur.

Shayla Walker, director of student services, it was the J.C. Penney corporate office that reached out to Delta.  

J.C. Penney had done a similar event for other schools and decided to offer it to both schools.

“When they reached out ,of course we were on board to offer an event like this to our students,” said Walker.

She also said it couldn’t have come at a better time being that graduation is around the corner and students are transferring.

J.C. Penney facilitated the event for not only students but for the student’s families as well. Walker had also talked about how besides planning events on campus her job also includes creating partnerships off campus. 

Working in cohesion with those corporate partnerships opens up more opportunities for the students such like this event. 

If the Suit-Up has high interest by the students she is says there is a possibility it could be offered next year. 

“Take advantage because this is an opportunity that not a lot of schools have,” said Angulo.